Dansville Traffic Ticket Lawyer and DWI Attorney

Livingston County

Dansville Village Court

14 Clara Barton St.
Dansville, NY 14437
(585) 335-2460

Dansville is located in Livingston County, NY with a population of over 4,700 people.

Are you scheduled to appear at the Dansville Village Court and are in need of an experienced Dansville Traffic Ticket Lawyer and DWI Attorney?

When choosing a DWI Attorney or Traffic Ticket Lawyer for the Dansville Village Court, it is important to choose an experienced Dansville Traffic Ticket Lawyer and DWI Attorney.  Michael D. Schmitt is an experienced Traffic Ticket Lawyer and DWI Attorney with over 10 years of trial experience that offers effective legal services to residents in Village of Dansville.

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Dansville Traffic Ticket Lawyer and DWI Attorney Michael D. Schmitt has handled million-dollar divorce cases and high profile murder trials. We can help clients at the Dansville Village Court involving Divorce, Family Law including Child Support and Child Custody, Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, DWI, Traffic Tickets and more. Contact us today for a free initial consultation.

We’d be happy to assist you through every step of your case and give you the local representation you need to protect your rights.