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The Rochester Divorce Lawyers at the law office of Michael D. Schmitt handle a wide variety of legal issues that occur when a marriage breaks down, whether the divorcing spouses have few marital assets, or extensive business and investment assets. Our experienced Rochester Divorce Lawyers work with divorcing parents, childless persons and people serving in various branches of the military.

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Rochester Divorce LawyersThe Rochester Divorce Lawyers at the law office of Michael D. Schmitt work closely with each client in order to help people understand how New York law affects their interests. The time we spend with each client also helps us to identify and pursue the right legal strategy in the context of individual needs objectives.

You’ll find that divorce law can often function more as a set of guidelines rather than strict rules, and the best results are often those that people can work out for themselves through an agreement. Our job as dedicated Rochester divorce lawyers is to help people understand their rights and responsibilities, define their objectives and find the best and most efficient route toward achieving their goals.

However, if an agreement cannot be reached, our dedicated Rochester divorce and family law attorneys offer advice and advocacy on narrower issues such as;

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