Rochester Divorce Attorney Handles High Net Worth Divorces

Protecting Your Interests in High Net Worth Divorces

Rochester Divorce Attorney Michael D. Schmitt advises divorce clients with all types of property division problems, from marital estates mainly comprising the house and two vehicles to the complex equitable distribution challenges that can characterize high net-worth divorce. To learn how experienced lawyers approach and resolve property division issues when there’s a lot to disagree about, contact our  experienced Rochester Divorce Attorney for a free initial consultation.

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Skillful Identification of Asset Values in Rochester, NY

While characterization problems with respect to commingled assets or investment accounts can sometimes complicate property division issues, we find that the most frequent disagreements involve asset valuation, asset transfers and underreported or undisclosed income. Although the general property division objectives in a high net-worth divorce are substantially the same as they are in any other case, what it takes to achieve the desired result is often very different.

Experienced Rochester Divorce Attorney Michael D. Schmitt will work with accountants, appraisers, and investigators as necessary to develop an accurate inventory and valuation of marital property. We know how to review and analyze financial statements and business records to spot the signs of missing or mischaracterized assets. Our goal is to ensure to the greatest degree possible that your property division settlement reflects a complete and accurate understanding of the composition and worth of your marital estate.

Experienced Counsel Across a Range of Issues Involved In High Net Worth Divorces

Rochester Divorce Attorney Michael D. Schmitt’s approach to property division issues in high net-worth cases can protect the interests of a divorcing spouse with respect to such assets as:

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• Residential and commercial real property
• Pension benefits, retirement accounts and deferred compensation
• Antiques, heirlooms, art and collections
• Military pensions and spousal benefits
• Investment portfolios
• Business and partnership assets, including equity interests in closely held corporations
• Interests in professional practices
• Private aircraft, boats or comparable personal property

Bearing in mind that the positive value of the assets to be divided between the spouses is based on equity values, Our Rochester Divorce Attorneys consider the marital liabilities as well as the assets. Even personal guaranties of business debts can adversely affect net equity values.

If you have questions about high net worth divorces in New York,  contact experienced Rochester Divorce Attorney Michael D. Schmitt for a free consultation. Let our experience work for you. 

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