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It might be necessary to seek the judicial enforcement of any family court order, including those related to property division, spousal maintenance, child custody or visitation, but the most frequent problems we see at the law office of Michael D. Schmitt, concern defaults in child support payments.  Read Our Free Family Law Guide

Rochester Child Support Enforcement AttorneyIf you need advice about the most effective ways to hold a parent in default to the terms of a support order, or if you need help resolving problems related to substantial arrearages, our Rochester child support enforcement attorney can give you the information and advocacy you need. Contact our experienced family law attorneys today for a free confidential consultation.

Rochester Child Support Enforcement Attorney Skillfully Handling Enforcement Matters in Rochester, NY

The following illustrates the typical pattern of enforcement problems: The parent entitled to receive child support advises a county that the payment has not agency been received. The county enforcement unit then either notifies the parent in default of the amount owed, or just as often, takes immediate steps to collect the amounts owed and punish the default. These steps usually include:

  • Seeking an order of contempt in the court where the support order was issued
  • Getting any drivers license, professional license, or sporting license suspended through notice of default to the licensing agency
  • Seizing income tax returns
  • Attaching state lottery winnings
  • Recovering any cash bail that might have been posted for the party in default on any criminal offense

These steps will certainly get the attention of the defaulting parent. Experienced Rochester child support enforcement attorney Michael D. Schmitt has represented many parents facing difficult problems and sanctions. He can help establish payment plans, lift license suspensions and cure contempt orders to keep a bad situation from getting worse.

Earlier in his career, attorney Michael D. Schmitt worked with the Monroe County Child Support Enforcement Unit on enforcement and collection matters. His familiarity with the Unit’s policies and operations can help you find a practical solution to child support arrearages.

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Do you need advice about enforcing such non-financial orders as visitation schedules or legal custody rights?  Contact Experienced Rochester Child Support Enforcement Attorney Michael D. Schmitt for a free confidential consultation.

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