Modifying Child Support

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Child Support Components

Modifying Child SupportMany times as an experienced Rochester Child Support Lawyer, I am asked what is involved when it comes to paying child support.

  • Along with a percentage of your income, you must also pay part of the amount for any medical care, dental work, vision correction, or any daily child care expense.
  • The amount you must pay is based upon your income and your ex’s income.

Support Modifications Based on Job Loss

I was recently asked as an experienced Rochester Child Support Lawyer if a child support order can be modified based on loss of employment.

  • You can modify your child support obligation based on job loss or change of custody with your child.
  • You will not be able to modify your child support order if you quit your job.
  • Your support order could be increased if your income is raised.

Modifying an Order if the Child Changes Residency

Oftentimes as a Rochester Child Support Attorney, I speak with my clients about modifying an child support order, when the child changes residency.

  • If your child moves in with you, you must file a change to the original order.
  • You will not longer be obligated to pay child support once completed.

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