Rochester Domestic Violence Lawyer

Committed to Protecting Your Rights

Attorney Michael D. Schmitt represents victims of domestic violence and people who have been accused of domestic violence throughout Rochester, New York. Our accomplished domestic violence attorneys are prepared to aggressively prosecute any offenders throughout New York State.

Rochester Domestic Violence LawyerSkillfully Handling Domestic Violence Matters in Rochester, NY

If you have been charged with domestic violence in New York or are facing allegations of family violence or abuse, you need the expertise of an experienced Rochester Domestic Violence Lawyer.  Michael D. Schmitt is available to discuss the facts of your case with you during a free initial consultation so that you can find out what you might need to do to protect yourself against allegations of domestic violence.

Experienced Rochester Domestic Violence Lawyer Michael Schmitt handles all Domestic Violence charges Including:


Child Abuse

Physical Abuse
Sexual Abuse

Spousal Abuse

Criminal Threats

Dedicated Rochester Domestic Violence Lawyer Michael D. Schmitt represents men and women in New York who are victims of domestic violence as well as those facing charges or accusations of domestic violence.

Are you a victim of domestic violence, or facing domestic violence accusations? Contact experienced Rochester domestic violence lawyer Michael D. Schmitt for a free confidential consultation. Let his experience work for you. 

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