Rochester Divorce Attorney Handles Divorce Modifications

Practical Advice About Divorce Modifications in New York

After a divorce or order, each parent might have gone through some very significant changes. One or the other might be a lot richer or poorer, someone might have suffered a health crisis or disability, either or both might have remarried. Even if nothing else has changed much, the children will be that much older, with the interests, needs and expenses that go along with growing up.  Read Our Free Family Law Guide

Rochester Divorce Attorney Handles Divorce ModificationsIt’s not unusual for the financial and parental arrangements of a prior order or divorce to require some adjustment in future years. If you’re thinking about modifying your order of child support or custodial arrangements to meet significantly changed circumstances, or if you need legal advice about your ex’s recent modification request, experienced Rochester Divorce Attorney Michael D. Schmitt can advise you about your rights and responsibilities. Contact our dedicated Rochester Divorce Attorney for a free initial consultation about your legal options on either side of a modification proposal.

Skillfully Handling Divorce Modifications in Rochester

On financial modification issues, the court will likely grant a request for an increase or decrease in child support or spousal maintenance If the moving party can show a significant change in material circumstances that would justify and adjustment in the order. The opposing party will have a chance to show that the changed circumstances are mischaracterized or overstated, or that his or her own situation makes the requested change impossible or highly impractical to accept.

Experienced Rochester Divorce Attorney Michael D. Schmitt will take a close look at your case and give you a good sense for what a court would likely do with the modification request and develop a strategy for presenting your side of the case in clear and persuasive terms. Because of the changing child support calculations in 2010, our Rochester Divorce Attorney has heard from many people who need to understand the practical impact of raising the baseline income cap from $80,000 to $130,000.

Rochester Divorce Attorney Michael Schmitt will also advise people who need to revisit custody and visitation arrangements based on a crisis in the life of the parent with primary custody, or on a proposal to move with the child away from the area. It’s very difficult to convince a court to grant modification of a child custody order that would interfere with an opposing parent’s access and relationship with the child.

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