3 Facts on Order Protection

When it comes to domestic violence, I am often asked as a Rochester Attorney about orders of protection. Here are 3 facts on order protection:

3 Facts on Order ProtectionDifferent Types of Orders of Protection

  • No Contact Order – the person who this is against will not be able to have any type of contact with the other person.
  • No Offensive Contact Order of Protection – the parties are allowed to be together but does not allow harassment or assault between them.

Order of Protection

  • If you are a victim of assault or violent threats, you can file a family offense petition
  • This is a non-criminal allegation, and requires the person to stay away from you.

Violating an Order of Protection

  • If an order of protection has been violated, it can be addressed in criminal court as a criminal matter, or in the family court with a violation petition.
  • If filed through a family court, there will not be any criminal penalties.

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