How To Win Your Custody Claim

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Joint vs. Sole Child Custody

How To Win Your Custody ClaimOften as an experienced Rochester Child Custody Lawyer, I am asked the differences between Joint Custody and Sole Custody in New York.

  • If you have joint custody, you and your child’s other parent will be required to make decisions about your child together, cooperatively.
  • If you have sole custody of your child, you alone will be required to make decisions about your child.
  • You can have a shared residency plan and still have one parent be sole custodian.

How Do Courts Decide on Visitation?

When it comes to child custody and visitation, I am often asked as a Rochester Child Custody Lawyer how the courts decide on this.

  • The court will look into the best interest of the child.
  • The court will review:
    • Who can take care of the child best.
    • Who is best to serve the child.
    • The time allotted to each parent with the child

Do Courts Favor the Mother?

As an experienced Rochester Family Law Attorney, I am often asked by my male clients if the courts favor the mother in terms of custody and support.

  • The courts do not favor the father or mother over one another.
  • The courts will review both parents to decide the child’s best interest.

The Role of a Law Guardian

Many times as an experienced Rochester Family Law Attorney I am often asked what the role of a law guardian is for a child.

  • A law guardian for a child is also called an Attorney for the Children.
  • An AFC acts like a normal lawyer; they gather information from talking to the child and represent them in court.

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