Not Receiving Child Support

Have you gone through the divorce process and not receiving child support? Check out this article for guidance, then give our Rochester office a call to get started.

1Not Receiving Child Support. Receiving Payments

  • You can collect child support payments directly from the other parent, or from the Child Support Enforcement Unit.
  • When you are awarded child support, you can decide how you are paid.

2. Not Being Paid

  • If a parent is not paying the ordered support, you can take them to court and have a judgment placed against them.
  • The Child Support Enforcement Unit has the power suspend drivers licenses, and take income tax returns and even vehicles.

3. Changing a Support Obligation

  • If your child has moved into your custody, you can request a change to child support.
  • A child must be living on their own, and must not be in school to have a child support obligation eliminated.

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