What You Should Know About Child Support

Learn what you should know about child support in this brief article, then give our Rochester attorney a call for a free legal consultation.

1) Child Support Components

  • What You Should Know About Child SupportAlong with a percentage of your income, you must also pay part of the amount for any medical care, dental work, vision correction, or any daily child care expense.
  • The amount you must pay is based upon your income and your ex’s income.

2) How To Determine Child Support

  • The courts base child support on your income and the amount of children you have.
  • You will be generally charged 17% of your gross income for one child, 25% for two children and 29% for three.
  • If you have multiple child support orders, these will also be reviewed.

3) Options to Collect Child Support

  • Child support can be paid parent to parent, or can be done through the Child Support Enforcement Unit.
  • The Child Support Enforcement Unit will garnish the wages and seize income of the parent if they fail to pay.

4) How Long You Have to Pay Child Support

  • You must pay child support until your child reaches the age of 21.
  • You can request a modification of child support if your child is no longer financially reliant on you.

Are you considering a divorce and have questions about child custody? Learn what you should know about child support in this article. Then, contact our experienced Rochester child support lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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