6 Common Questions About Custody

Are you going through a divorce and have kids? Read these 6 common questions about custody, then contact our Rochester lawyer to get started.

1) What is Shared Residency?

  • 6 Common Questions About CustodyShared residency is the ability for both parents to spend the same amount of time with their children.
  • Based on the differences in finances for each parent, a child support obligation may be necessary.

2) What are the Differences Between Joint Child Custody and Sole Child Custody?

  • If you have joint custody, you and your child’s other parent will be required to make decisions about your child together, cooperatively.
  • If you have sole custody of your child, you alone will be required to make decisions about your child.
  • You can have a shared residency plan and still have one parent be sole custodian.

3) How Do Courts Decide on Visitation?

  • The court will look into the best interest of the child.
  • The court will review:
    • Who can take care of the child best.
    • Who is best to serve the child.
    • The time allotted to each parent with the child.

4) Do Courts Favor the Mother?

  • The courts do not favor the father or mother over one another.
  • The courts will review both parents to decide the child’s best interest.

5) What is the Role of a Law Guardian?

  • A law guardian for a child is also called an Attorney for the Children.
  • An AFC acts like a normal lawyer; they gather information from talking to the child and represent them in court.

6) What Should I Know About Visitation with a Substance Abuse Problem?

  • If your spouse has a substance abuse problem, the state is very concerned over the safety of that child.
  • Your spouse may be required to have supervised visitation while they are sick.

Are you considering a divorce and have questions about child custody? After reading these 6 common questions about custody, contact our experienced Rochester child custody lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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