3 Divorce Tips

Have you been going through the divorce process? Check out these 3 divorce tips, then contact the Rochester office today to schedule a legal consultation.

3 Divorce Tips1. Payment Plans for Divorce

  • Our law office offers payment plans that can be as little as $150 to $500 monthly based on the fees.

2. No Fault Divorce

  • Your are entitled to get a divorce based on grounds of an irretrievably broken marriage.

3. Living in the Same Home During a Pending Divorce

  • If you and your spouse can cooperate living in the same dwelling, you can.
  • If you can not stay in the same home, you can leave and still maintain all your rights to the home and property.

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Are you going through a divorce and have questions about these 3 divorce tips?  Contact experienced Rochester Divorce Lawyer Michael Schmitt to schedule your legal consultation today.

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