4 Criminal Defense Tips

Have you been charged with a criminal offense and have questions? Read these 4 criminal defense tips, then call our Rochester attorney today.

1. Should I Talk to the Police?

  • 4 Criminal Defense TipsThe police will try to make you feel relaxed in order to get you to talk.
  • The police may try to make you think they are your friend.
  • The police are looking for a statement or an admission of guilt.
  • Do not to speak to the police unless you have an attorney present.

2. Being Investigated by the Police for a Crime

  • You should immediately call an experienced Criminal Attorney if you are being investigated for a crime.
  • Do not talk to the police without your Criminal Attorney present.

3. Do I need to Cooperate with the Police?

  • You are legally allowed to refuse to answer any questions, and perform field sobriety tests.
  • If you do not talk to the police, they can not acquire enough data to determine whether you were driving drunk.

4. Consequences for a First Time Arrest

  • If you are arrested for a first time offense, your criminal lawyer will be able to negotiate with the District Attorney to avoid a criminal record.

Have you been arrested or charged with a criminal offense and have questions about these 4 criminal defense tips? Contact our experienced Rochester criminal defense lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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