Child Support Enforcement Unit

If you are experiencing any issues with child support in New York, the Child Support Enforcement Unit (CSEU) can help. Call our Rochester attorney today.

The CSEU is a New York State agency. It essentially is a collection agency. They administer the payments and record-keeping of the child support orders.

Options to Collect Child Support

Child support is collected either by getting the money directly from the person who is supChild Support Enforcement Unit Rochester Family Law Attorney Lawyerposed to pay it, or in New York State, the Child Support Enforcement Unit can be used. The CSEU is a collection agency for child support orders and they help collect the owed money. They will garnish the wages of the person who is supposed to pay. If person is not paying, the CSEU can actually suspend their driver’s license, can seize their bank accounts, intercept their tax refunds, and even take some of their property from them.

Receiving Child Support

Getting paid child support, the money can either be received directly from the payer or through the Child Support Enforcement Unit in New York. Many people go through the CSEU because they essentially act as a collection agency for child support orders. The person who receives child support can elect how they want to get paid. They can either get paid directly or they can go through the CSEU.

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Not Being Paid Owed Child Support

After a child support order has been entered, sometimes people don’t get paid the child support that they’re entitled to. The law allows for enforcement of those orders. Somebody can be taken back to court and get a judgement against them. The Child Support Enforcement Unit will sometimes suspend their driver’s licenses, they can seize banks accounts, seize income tax returns, and even seize vehicles and any other property that they have. This will be done to take that property to satisfy the child support obligation.

Not Being Paid the Shared Medical Expenses

In addition to child support payments, there are add-on expenses, which are the day care expenses and the uninsured medical expenses. Those expenses are handled outside of the Child Support Enforcement Unit and are generally separate from the basic child support obligation. If one parent is receiving basic child support obligation, but the other parent isn’t paying their share of the medical expenses or their share of the day care, the parent owed should keep receipts and go back to court to file a violation petition. They will have to tell the judge that they have not been getting that share of their child support. If sufficient proof and evidence is produced, one parent can get a judgment against the other, which is then enforceable through the CSEU.

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