Costs of Divorce

Are you going through the divorce process and have questions about the different costs of divorce? Read this article, then call our Rochester divorce lawyer.

Cost of a Retainer for a Divorce

Costs of DivorceAs a Rochester Divorce Lawyer, I am always asked how much it costs to retain me as your divorce attorney.

  • If we are dealing with an uncontested divorce, you will be required to pay a retainer of $1000.
  • If we are dealing with a contested divorce, you will be required to pay a retainer of $2000.

Payment Plans for Divorce

I am often asked as an experienced Rochester Divorce Lawyer when someone is going through a divorce, is if my office offers payment plans.

  • Our law office offers payment plans that can be as little as $150 to $500 monthly based on the fees.

Cost of a Divorce

Often times as a Rochester Divorce Attorney, I will get asked how much it costs for a divorce.

  • Your fees will range based on the complexity of your divorce issues.
  • Our law office offers flat fees for divorces.
  • You will never need to worry about unexpected fees.
  • Attorney Michael D. Schmitt is available to answer all your questions.

Are you ready to move on with divorce, but want to know how much it costs? Check out these different types of costs of divorce, then contact experienced Rochester Divorce Lawyer Michael Schmitt for dedicated legal counsel.

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