Different DWI Penalties

In New York State, there are different DWI penalties which depend upon what you were consuming and how much. Call our lawyer today for a free consultation.Different DWI Penalties

Different DWI Penalties | License Suspension

Many times, as an experienced Rochester DUI attorney, I will be asked if you can get a suspended license from a DWI. If you are found not guilty, you will have no driving restrictions. If you are found guilty for your first DWI offense, you will receive a suspended license after 20 days along with being required to enroll in a Drinking Driver Program from the DMV. Once you complete this class, you will receive your normal license back. However, you will only be allowed to take this class once every five years.

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Different DWI Penalties | Underage Drinking

As an experienced Rochester DWI attorney, I’m often asked about what can happen if a child is arrested for underage DWI in New York. New York’s Underage DWI Law is named the “Zero Tolerance Law.” If you’re arrested under New York’s Zero Tolerance Law, you will be facing increased license restriction than an adult who is charged with a DWI.

Different DWI Penalties | Marijuana DWI

What happens if you are charged with a DWI for marijuana? There are no tests that police can complete in order to issue a DWI for marijuana arrest. The police must use their observation in order to arrest, and then you will be reviewed by a Drug Recognition Expert.

Different DWI Penalties | Felony DWI

I remind my clients, as a Rochester DWI lawyer, about what can happen if you are arrested for a second DWI charge within a 10-year span: you will be charged with a felony DWI if you receive two DWI arrests within a decade.

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