Losing Your License After a DWI

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Losing Your License After a DWI | First Court Appearance for a DWI

Losing Your LicenseThe first time you go to court after a Driving While Intoxicated arrest, you will be arraigned. The judge is required to suspend your driver’s license if there is a certification that shows that you took the breath test and the result is higher than a .08. In that instance, the court has the ability to issue you a hardship license. A hardship license is a temporary license that is going to allow you to drive to and from work or to and from school as long as you can show that you have no other means of transportation available to you. Typically, 30 days after your license is suspended pending prosecution, you’ll be eligible to get a condition license from the DMV that will replace your hardship license and allow you to continue to drive at that point.

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Losing Your License After a DWI | Drinking Driver Program

Upon the completion of your case, if you’re found to be not guilty, you’ll have no restrictions on your driver’s license. If it’s your first time being convicted of a Driving While Intoxicated offense, your license will be suspended, however, the court will allow you to have a 20 day stay. What that does is allow you to have regular driving privileges for the next 20 days. In that period of time, the DMV is going to allow you to enroll in a program called the Drinking driver Program. It is a class that is one night a week for eight weeks. The DMV says as long as you sign up for this class we’ll give you a conditional license. Upon successful completion of this class, we will give your regular license back again, regardless of the duration of your suspension. You’re only allowed to take this class once every five years. If you get a second DWI within five years of your first one, you’re not going to be eligible for Drinking Driver Program and you’re not going to be eligible to get that license after the conviction.

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