Marijuana Charges

Marijuana Charges Rochester Criminal Defense Lawyer AttorneyIf you have been charged with marijuana charges, you may be feeling terrified. Check out this article for guidance, then give our Rochester lawyer a call.

If you have been charged with marijuana charges, you may be feeling terrified. The consequences can be severe and life-ruining. With the assistance of an experienced Rochester attorney, you can minimize the consequences of your marijuana charges. In the meantime, here is some information about common marijuana charges.

Marijuana DWI Charge

A common charge for Driving While Ability Impaired by drugs involves the use of marijuana. There is no test that the police can perform consistent with a breath test like you do with a Driving While Intoxicated. The police officers would rely upon their observations of you. Again, in this case, you would probably need to have a Drug Recognition Expert brought in, someone who is specifically trained with how to detect whether or not someone was under the influence of marijuana while driving.

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Marijuana Possession

By far the most common charge for drug possession involves the possession of marijuana. The severity of this charge is going to depend upon how much marijuana you had, whether or not you’ve had prior arrests or convictions for marijuana, and whether or not you were in possession of it with the intent to sell it or with the intent to use it yourself. Many times we’re able to have that case disposed of with a non-criminal disposition, although it might require that you have a drug and alcohol evaluation done and if there are any treatment recommendations, follow those treatment recommendations. If you are able to do that, many times once you’ve completed that then the charge will be reduced to a non-criminal conviction.

If you have any further concerns about marijuana charges and need to seek fierce representation, please call and schedule a free consultation with Rochester criminal defense attorney Michael Schmitt.

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