Marital Assets

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Marital AssetsWhat Happens to the House in a Divorce

  • When you go through a divorce, the house is either sold on the market or one spouse will purchase the other’s half, and refinance.

What Happens to Your Cars in a Divorce

  • Many times in a divorce, each spouse will be able to keep their own vehicle and will be required to continue paying the loan if there is one.
  • If one vehicle has more equity than another, we can address the issue with extra credit in other areas of the marital property.

Your Spouse’s Retirement Plan

  • If you have accumulated your retirement plan throughout the course of the marriage, this is considered marital property.
  • If part of the money was made prior to marriage, that amount will be removed from the shared portion.
  • If one spouse has a large difference between the two accounts, ask your attorney we can file a Qualified Domestic Relations Order.

How the State Calculates Spousal Support

  • New York State bases it’s spousal support calculations on a formula.
  • The payments will be based upon your income and your spouse’s income.
  • Short term marriages, generally do not see spousal maintenance as a factor.

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