Rochester Domestic Violence Attorney Discusses the Penalties of Violating an Order of Protection

Our Rochester Domestic Violence Attorney discusses the penalties of violating an order of protection in this article. Then, call our attorney today.

Rochester Domestic Violence AttorneyMany times as an experienced Rochester Domestic Violence Attorney, I am asked what can happen if you violate an order of protection.  Violation of an order of protection can either be addressed criminally as a criminal contempt handled through the criminal courts or it can also be handled through family court with a filing of a violation petition. Family courts violations of orders of protection are not criminal and they don’t result in a criminal record. However, if you were convicted in criminal court of criminal contempt or violating an order of protection, that could result in criminal penalties and a criminal record.

Have you violated an order of protection in New York?  It is important you contact our experienced Rochester Domestic Violence Attorney for strong legal defense.

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