Traffic Tickets in Rochester

Do you have traffic tickets in Rochester and have questions? Check out this article for guidance, then give our Rochester traffic violation attorney a call.

Traffic Tickets in Rochester Traffic Violations Free ConsultationsBy putting a check in the mail with your traffic ticket you are pleading guilty to that offense. Accumulating 11 points or more on your driver’s license in an 18-month period can result in a suspension of your driving privileges and increases in your insurance payments. Experienced Rochester traffic ticket lawyer Michael D. Schmitt can assist you in completely dismissing or reducing your traffic tickets to non-moving violations.

Going to Court for Traffic Tickets

Many times, I’m able to resolve a traffic ticket without the person who got the ticket ever having to come to court. I can typically do it through the mail or negotiating directly with the D.A. and the judge while I’m in court.

Hiring an Attorney for a Traffic Ticket

Some people hire an attorney for traffic tickets just as a matter of convenience. They don’t have the ability to go to court or the time to go sit in court for a long period of time. Also, when I represent someone on a traffic ticket, I can typically negotiate a plea bargain with the D.A.’s office to a reduced charge and maybe reduced fines.

The Cost of a Traffic Ticket Attorney

For traffic tickets, I typically charge a small flat fee. That fee is going to depend upon where the court is that I would potentially have to go to, what the charge was, and whether or not there were other tickets that accompanied it.

If you have recently been given a traffic ticket, please call our experienced Rochester Traffic Violation Lawyer Michael Schmitt for a free initial confidential consultation.

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