Types of Custody

Often as an experienced Rochester Child Custody Lawyer, I am asked about the types of custody and the differences between Joint Custody and Sole Custody in New York.

Types of CustodyHere is a quick break down on the types of custody:

If you have joint custody, you and your child’s other parent will be required to make decisions about your child together, cooperatively.

If you have sole custody of your child, you alone will be required to make decisions about your child.

You can have a shared residency plan and still have one parent be sole custodian.

Our experienced Rochester Child Custody Lawyer understand that custody and support issues can generate a lot of anxiety and resentment between the parents. We help our clients understand their legal rights and responsibilities, then look for ways to protect your interests In the most efficient manner available.

We advise family law clients about children’s issues across the range of legal problems:

  • Child custody and visitation in divorce or separation
  • Child support for divorcing or unmarried parents
  • Paternity under New York law
  • Modification of child custody or child support arrangements
  • Enforcement of child support or custodial arrangements that go into default
  • Proposals to relocate a child away from Greater Rochester or nearby communities
  • Child supportor custody issues in military divorce
  • Effect of domestic violence issues on child custody or visitation rights

It’s essential to understand that disputes over custody will be resolved with the best interests of the children in mind, not the preferences of the parents. Our experienced Rochester Child Custody Lawyer can help you understand what that might mean in your situation, and help you define your objectives in practical terms.

If you need a Rochester Child Custody Lawyer that can help with legal problems such as child support, child custody or enforcing your rights as a noncustodial parent, contact our experienced Rochester Child Custody Lawyer, Michael D. Schmitt.  We offer free initial consultations for people who need advice about parent-child relationships in divorce, separation or paternity situations.

We know that being involved in a custody battle sounds terrible and scary full of uncertainty. We have the skill and knowledge needed to give you a voice in your custody case. We hear your story and learn about your relationship with your children and we fight for what is right. You don’t have to worry about knowing how to fight on your own when you have a dedicated lawyer right by you every step of the way.

It is our passion to accurately and fair represent our clients. This is a period of time that can make you feel very isolated and we want you to feel supported when we represent your case. It is imperative that you call us right away.

Are you trying to decide between joint custody and sole custody in New York but need to know more about the types of custody?  Contact experienced Rochester Divorce Lawyer Michael Schmitt for dedicated help.

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