Weapon Possession Charges

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Illegal Possession of a Weapon

Weapon Possession Charges Rochester Criminal Defense LawyerIn New York State, if you want to have a hand gun, you must obtain a permit. If you are caught in the possession of a gun, a hand gun, a pistol, without a permit, that’s a very serious charge. If that possession occurred in your house or in your business, it’s a misdemeanor. If it occurred out in public on your person, that charge is a felony. These charges are prosecuted heavily by the District Attorney’s office. There are significant consequences and typically there is the potential of jail that accompanies being arrested for these charges. It’s very important in a gun case that you hire an attorney soon and that you hire an attorney that is an experienced attorney who knows how to handle these types of cases.

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Felony vs Misdemeanor for Weapon Possession Charges

The difference between misdemeanors and felonies is that felonies are the more serious charges. If your weapon possession charges are a felony, that can result in incarceration including prison time. Felony weapon possession charges can result in probation longer terms. They are generally more serious crimes. Misdemeanors are the less serious crimes. Weapon possession charges that occur in your home or business would be considered a misdemeanor and be less severe than a felony charge. They’re still very serious, but they’re not a serious as felonies. The consequences or the results of weapon possession charges misdemeanor convictions are not as significant or severe as a felony conviction.

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