3 Divorce Mediation Facts

Are you going through the divorce process? Check out these 3 divorce mediation facts, then call our office in Rochester for a free consultation.

3 Divorce Mediation Facts1) Mediation Not Resolving All Issues

Some people ask us what happens if they can’t come to an agreement on all of the issues. We can craft a separation agreement that resolves all of the issues that you and your spouse agree to. If there are open issues that we weren’t able to resolve, you each can seek advice and go to court on those issues alone. If, for example, we’ve had an agreement regarding custody and visitation, but there’s not an agreement on child support, each person

 is free to go to court and have a court help them resolve an issue that was not resolved in the divorce mediation process.

Generally speaking, we’re able to get through all of those issues. If, for some reason, we can’t come up with an agreement on everything, we can do an agreement that solves most of the problems and just leaves out the problems we haven’t solved. The parties or the participants in the mediation process can then seek their own attorneys and litigate the issue that they weren’t able to come up with an agreement on. That’s something we can help you out with if you contact us at our office.

2) The Role of Divorce Mediators

As attorney-mediators here in Rochester, we help couples resolve the same issues that are present in any divorce. Those issues are custody, visitation, and child support, and disposition of marital property. Marital property is any debt or asset that accumulated during the course of the marriage.

By using a mediator, those going through a divorce are able to come up with a resolution that they’re both happy with that’s acceptable to them and allows them to get on with their life separate and apart from their spouse. If this is something you’re interested in trying, you can contact us through our office or through the website.

3) Eligibility For Divorce Mediation

Many people ask us if there are other kinds of cases that are appropriate for mediation. If you and the other parent have never been married, we can still craft an agreement regarding custody, visitation, and child support terms. We can do that through a traditional mediation process. We can get an order from a family court judge regarding custody visitation and child support issues just as we would in a divorce. If that’s something that you would like me to help you out with, you can call us at the office. We can talk about that.

Are you or a loved one in the divorce process and have questions about our 3 divorce mediation facts? Contact an experienced Rochester Divorce Mediation Lawyer at Michael D. Schmitt Attorney at Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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