Common Traffic Violation Questions

Check out some answers to common traffic violation questions that we have organized for you. Then, give our Rochester attorney a call for a free review.

Being pulled over is a frustrating thing that can leaving you with a lot of worries. You may be wondering how you are going to manage this financially. In the meantime, here are some answers to common asked traffic violation questions.

Traffic Violation Questions #1 | What If I’m Caught Driving Without a License

There are two ways to get a ticket for driving without a license. One is that you never had a driver’s license and were caught driving without one. The other one is if you were driving with a suspended license. Those charges are typically a little bit more serious and the court’s generally going to want to see you have cleared up your license or you’ve resolved the problems that resulted in your license being suspended.

Traffic Violation Questions #2 | Do I Have to go to Court for a Traffic Ticket?

Many times I’m able to resolve a traffic ticket without the person who got the ticket ever having to come to court. I can typically do it through the mail or negotiating directly with the D.A. and the judge while I’m in court.

Traffic Violation Questions #3 | Should I Hire an Attorney?

Some people hire an attorney for traffic tickets just as a matter of convenience. They don’t have the ability to go to court or the time to go sit in court for a long period of time. Also, when I represent someone on a traffic ticket, I can typically negotiate a plea bargain with the D.A.’s office to a reduced charge and maybe reduced fines.

Traffic Violation Questions #4 | How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Traffic Ticket Attorney?

For traffic tickets, I typically charge a small flat fee. That fee is going to depend upon where the court is that I would potentially have to go to, what the charge was, and whether or not there were other tickets that accompanied it.

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