Protection Orders

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Not every person in your life is going to provide a harmonious relationship. Sometimes they can become dangerous for you and require you to file an order of protection. Here is what you need to know about protection orders

Protection Orders Types

There are two kinds of protection orders types that can be filed. The first is what we would call a no contact order of protection. That requires the person who has the order of protection against them not have any contact whatsoever with the other party. The order of protection of a no contact order of protection only flows one way. The person who gets the order of protection cannot violate the order of protection by having contact with the person who is not supposed to have contact with them. The other order of protection is the no offensive contact order of protection. This order of protection allows people to be around each other, to be near each other, but it prohibits them from injuring, assaulting, or otherwise harassing that person.

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Protection Orders

Family court allows for people to file a document called a family offense petition. It’s a non-criminal allegation against a family member or a significant that involves conduct that is not appropriate. That conduct could be assault, or it could be threats and the result is an order directing either that person not have any contact with you or that person not having any offensive contact with you. That means they are allowed to be around you, but if they do anything that is offensive such as striking you or hitting you, they could be in violation of that order.

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