Common Worries During Divorce

Common Worries During DivorceIf you are going through a divorce, it’s natural to have a lot on your mind. An experienced family law attorney can help ease your stress. If you are experiencing any of the following common worries during divorce, please contact our office to arrange a consultation.

Custody During a Pending Divorce

A common worry among divorcing parents is where the children will live while the divorce is pending. If both parties are living under the same roof, this issue is not addressed. In those cases, there will be a decision regarding where the child will live after the divorce. If, during the divorce, the parents live in separate places, there will typically be an agreement when each parent is going to see the children and when they are going to have time with the children.

Sharing a Home While a Divorce is Pending

Choosing to remain in the same home is completely up to both parties if they can live with that situation. If being in the same house is manageable, both parties get along well enough and can handle it, it is recommended to stay there as long as possible. Sometimes people aren’t able to stay in the house because there is a lot of animosity and hard feelings between the parties. In that case, it’s okay to leave. Leaving is allowed and does not compromise any rights during the divorce.

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