Divorce Mediator Role

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Divorce Mediator RoleQuestion:

What is the divorce mediator role?


As attorney-mediators here in Rochester, we help couples resolve the same issues that are present in any divorce. Those issues are custody, visitation, and child support, and disposition of marital property. Marital property is any debt or asset that accumulated during the course of the marriage.

By using a mediator, those going through a divorce are able to come up with a resolution that they are both happy with that is acceptable to them and allows them to get on with their life separate and apart from their spouse. If this is something you are interested in trying, you can contact us through our office or through the website.

You will have Rochester divorce mediation lawyer Michael Schmitt there to help you through any questions and concerns that each of you has. He is not there to take sides about any of the decisions that you do need to make. He is there to help you make the decisions together.

It may take several meetings with Michael before all of your concerns are resolved. At that point, however, you will be able to draft up a contract with all of the guidelines that will be simply validated by a court.

We hope you understand that this process can be very easy if you and your soon-to-be ex are willing to sit down with our Rochester divorce mediation lawyer, go over your options, and amicably work through any issues that could arise in a divorce. We have your best interests at heart, and we understand that divorce can be so tumultuous. A lot of people want it to be easy and it can be. Give us a call to set up a consultation to learn more.

Benefits of Mediation

If you are deciding if mediation is right for you and your partner’s divorce, you might be wondering why choose it at all.

There are a few huge benefits of mediation such as having the ability to end the marriage quickly and affordably.

Mediation is cheaper because you hire one lawyer to do the mediation and you are not going to trial for months upon months.

It is quicker because it can resolve the divorce within a few visits or less with our Rochester divorce mediation lawyer.

Also, because you can more affordably get through this divorce on a quicker timeline, you can just about guarantee that the process is going to be far less stressful. We know that the stress of divorce can feel overwhelming. Mediation allows you to eliminate a lot of the stress associated with traditional litigation.

Are you or a loved one in the divorce process and have questions about the divorce mediator role? Contact an experienced Rochester divorce lawyer at Michael D. Schmitt Attorney at Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

We don’t just care about divorce; we care about you.

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