Resolve to talk about Domestic Violence

Learn more about Resolve to talk about domestic violence in this article. Then, give our Rocehster domestic violence attorney a call for legal assistance.

As October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, there are several resources in the Rochester and surrounding areas, that serve the survivors of domestic violence. One of the organizations that works on prevention and raising awareness is Resolve of Greater Rochester. 

Resolve does not provide immediate crisis service like Willow Domestic Violence Center does.  If you have been a victim of domestic violence, they provide one-on-one trauma recovery services as well as group sessions.

As a family law and divorce attorney, there are cases that I have that involves domestic violence and the proceedings of both parties in the court system. If you are in need of legal counsel to assist you with a marriage dissolution that involves domestic violence, please call the office of Michael Schmitt at 585-232-1770 so we can discuss your situation and how I can help.


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