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How does the Court Decide Child Custody and Visitation?

Are you wondering how does the court decide child custody and visitation? Check out this article for guidance, then call our Rochester child custody lawyer. When it comes to your children, of course their well being is a priority during divorce. Often I get asked questions about how custody and visitation gets decided in the […]

Resolve to talk about Domestic Violence

Learn more about Resolve to talk about domestic violence in this article. Then, give our Rocehster domestic violence attorney a call for legal assistance. As October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, there are several resources in the Rochester and surrounding areas, that serve the survivors of domestic violence. One of the organizations that works on […]

Resources for Domestic Violence Victims

Check out this article for resources for domestic violence victims. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and contact our Rochester domestic violence attorney now. Unfortunately some marriages are filled with abusive behavior which causes their divorce. For those that are being abused by their partner, there are special community resources available to serve you. It […]

No-Fault Divorce in New York

Learn about no-fault divorce in New York in this article. Then, contact our Rochester divorce attorney for a free consultation to get started on your case. Essentially, a no fault divorce means that either spouse is entitled to get a divorce based upon the grounds of an irretrievably broken marriage. I advise my clients as […]

What is considered marital property from Rochester Divorce Lawyer?

Are you wondering what is considered marital property from Rochester divorce lawyer? Read this article to learn more, then call our Rochester lawyer today. Marital property is defined as any debt or asset that accumulated during the course of the marriage. The marriage is defined as beginning on the date that you get married and […]

How long does a divorce take in Rochester, NY?

Michael D. Schmitt ESQ, Rochester Divroce Lawyer, Family Law Attorney

Are you curious how long does a divorce takes in Rochester, NY? Read this article, then call our Rochester divorce lawyer for a free legal consultation. There is no guarantee for how long a divorce will typically take in Rochester, NY. It all depends upon the complexity of your divorce, the issues that are present, and […]

Concerned about your child custody case?

Child Custody Lawyer Michael D. Schmitt in Rochester NY

Are you concerned about your child custody case? Check out this article for guidance, then give our Rochester child custody lawyer a call to get started now. Custody cases are decided not upon the gender of the parent, but who the court feels will best serve the interest of the child. Sometimes that is the […]

Rochester Family Law Attorney Suggests ACT for the Children

Rochester Family L aw Attorney

Rochester Family Law Attorney, Michael D. Schmitt suggests using ACT For the Children to ease children through the transitions of divorce. Call us today. Rochester Family Law Attorney, Michael Schmitt, knows that divorce can be difficult, especially when children are involved. Making the transition easier for the children is in the best interest of all […]