3 Criminal Defense Tips

Have you been arrested or charged in New York? Check out these 3 criminal defense tips, then call our Rochester lawyer to get started on your claim today.

Consequences for a First Time Arrest

  • 3 Criminal Defense TipsIf you are arrested for a first time offense, your criminal lawyer will be able to negotiate with the District Attorney to avoid a criminal record.


  • If you are arrested for shoplifting or petty larceny for a first time, you will be charged with lesser penalties.
  • Attorney Michael Schmitt is able to resolve cases without criminal convictions or jail time.

Marijuana Possession

  • You will be charged based on the amount of marijuana you possessed.
  • You will also be charged based on your previous arrest records.
  • Penalties can go up if you were intending to sell the marijuana.
  • We are able to attain a non-criminal record for the offense.
  • You may be required to attend a drug and alcohol evaluation.

Have you been arrested or charged with criminal charge in New York? After reading these 3 criminal defense tips, contact our experienced Rochester Criminal Defense Lawyer to aggressively defend you and get started on your case immediately.

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