Mediation After Beginning Litigation

Learn about mediation after beginning litigation in this video. Then contact our Rochester lawyer to get started on your divorce mediation now.


Is it too late to begin mediation if we’ve already started the divorce litigation process?


Some people ask if it’s too late to begin mediation after a divorce is started. The simple answer is it’s never too late. Sometimes, people want to come up with a quick resolution. They get frustrated with the process with their attorneys; they get frustrated with going to court and not having a final resolution. At any point during the divorce process, if you think mediation might be an option for you, you can give us a call. We can sit down and we’ll go through it and see if we can resolve those issues without needing court or other attorneys getting involved.

Are you considering a divorce and have questions or concerns about mediation after beginning litigation? Contact our experienced Rochester divorce lawyers today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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