Shoplifting in Rochester

Have you been arrested for shoplifting in Rochester? Watch this video for guidance, then call our lawyer for a legal evaluation to get started on your case.

I am often asked as a Rochester Criminal Lawyer, what can happen if you are arrested for shoplifting in New York.

  • If you are arrested for shoplifting or petty larceny for a first time, you will be charged with lesser penalties.
  • Attorney Michael Schmitt is able to resolve cases without criminal convictions or jail time.

Have you been arrested for shoplifting or petty larceny? Contact our experienced Rochester Criminal Defense Lawyer to defend your freedom.

This educational video on shoplifting in Rochester was brought to you by Michael D. Schmitt, an experienced Rochester Criminal Lawyer.

Out of Town Legal Resources

We don’t practice in Connecticut but we are constantly looking for attorneys and quality online resources that can help people across the country. We found this criminal defense lawyer in Buffalo, NY that did a great job with their online shoplifting resources. If you or someone you know are ever accused of shoplifting in New York check out their online shoplifting defense resources.

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