Criminal Defense Lawyer Discusses Communicating With the Police

Are you under investigation and wondering whether you should communicate with the police? Watch this video and call our Rochester criminal defense lawyer for guidance.

Is Talking To The Police a Good Idea?

Do not to speak to the police unless you have an attorney present.

The police are very good at making you feel that they’re your friend. They want to make you feel comfortable. They want to make you feel relaxed. You’re more likely to talk to the police if you’re comfortable with them and you think that they’re your friend. They do this intentionally. Typically they’re looking for you to give a statement or make an admission that implicates yourself in the crime that they think that you committed.

Many times they just don’t have enough without your statement or your admission that you did it, and so it’s wise not to give any statement at all.

Have you been arrested or are being investigated for a crime? Contact experienced Rochester Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael D. Schmitt before you talk to the police.

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